My name is Rebecca Kopycinski (she/her/hers) and I am a classically-trained singer/composer, filmmaker, and multimedia performance artist working in Somerville, Massachusetts. My current project, Reagan Esther Myer, is an elaborate and sprawling transmedia narrative expressed through a series of interlocking stories communicated across an integrated combination of media channels. At the center of this dystopian storyworld (the “Reaganverse”) is ThotBot, a government-mandated brain implant that algorithmically applies points to one’s thoughts. These points, known as Value, accrue towards the goal of Redemption. Reagan Esther Myer is a multimodal narrative world that continues to push my practice into new artistic territory as opportunities to expand present themselves. I’m working to make sense of the chaotic current day world from the safety of this dystopian creation. Through this work, I hope to establish a narrative in society that encourages examination of digital authoritarianism and its effects on individuality.

2014 Interference, Liars & Believers coLAB, Oberon, Cambridge, MA (multimedia performance)
Totally Working Out TV Wall, FIGMENT Festival, Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston (a/v installation)
Sing-A-Long-A-Ding-Dong TV Wall, FIGMENT First Night, Boston Common (a/v installation)
2015 Connie, Liars & Believers coLAB, Oberon, Cambridge, MA (multimedia performance)
2016 Eat Your Heart Out (multimedia performance)
2018 Reagan Esther Myer Workshop, Center for Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA (music/video/theatrical performance)
2019 Reagan Esther Myer Premiere, Center for Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA (transmedia narrative)
2020 ThotBot Implantation Center Waiting Room, GAP Space Residency, Bow Market, Somerville, MA (interactive/immersive installation)
2009 “Songs for Doing Dishes” and “Still Lives”
2011 “Verses of Versus”
2012 "Live" and "Exposure Live from the Tank"
2013 “Meaty Hooks”
2019 "Reagan Esther Myer"

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